This Teachers’ Blog is linked to the activities proposed in the My Choices Planner and Teachers’ Guide.

As a teacher using this resource, you can share the results of the activities you have implemented in class, and view the results from other schools in Greece, Germany and the UK.

Logging in

You will receive an e-mail (sent to the same address through which you ordered the My Choices Planner), with your username and password. If you lost this e-mail, you can always click on “Log in” and then on the link “I forgot my password”, providing the same e-mail address as the one through which you ordered the planner.

Providing feedback

Once you log in, you will have access (through the menu) to blog pages for each of the major activities proposed in the My Choices Planner and Guide.

There are several ways you can share outputs and provide feedback.

Short questionnaires

In the pages linked to each major activity, you can click on a link to access a short, poll-type questionnaire. Once you have provided your own information, you will be able to see how everyone else has responded.

Comments, summary reports, images and videos

At the bottom of each blog page, you will see the number of replies left so far, as well as the link “Leave a Reply”.

  • Click on the number of replies left so far in order to see what other teachers have said;
  • Click on “Leave a reply” to provide your own feedback.

You can leave feedback in the form of text, but can also upload images and links to videos. To leave a video, simply copy the URL of the video (e.g. from Youtube or another video-sharing site) in the comments box.

Please note that comments are moderated so may not show up immediately!

Feedback Questionnaires (now closed)

On the right-hand side of the page, you will see a link to surveys that ask you to provide feedback on the My Choices planner as a pedagogical tool and on the impacts this tool has had on your students. Completing these questionnaires is vital to the continuance of this initiative in the future.


If there are other outputs or content you would like to share with us which you cannot share through this blog, or have set up a separate web page which you would like to share with us, please let us know through mychoices@generation-europe.eu.

Privacy and confidentiality

Only teachers participating in the My Choices project as well as verified stake-holders in the healthy lifestyles debate can access the My Choices blog pages or comments you leave on them. The blog is set up so that your full name and the school in which you teach do not appear publicly. In order to protect your own privacy and that of your students, we recommend that you avoid posting any element that enables the identification of a person, such as your full name, the full name of any of your students, or the name of the school in which you teach.

In the questionnaires, you are only asked to identify the school in which you teach: this is requested for analytical purposes; however results will be reported on in the aggregate and the name of your school will not be used in relation to any particular statistic.

Generation Europe Foundation cannot be held responsible for content posted on its blog by users.